Some say…

“Samantha’s commitment to deliver superior service is one of her most admirable characteristics.”

Dorothy Z.
Business Performance Advisor, Insperity

“Every massage I have with Samantha has been a blissful experience. Her presence is healing calming and peaceful. How I describe her massage: close to heaven on earth.”

Myra C.

“I have been Samantha’s client for 10 years. She is a nurturing professional that takes great care of her clients. She has been instrumental to my wellness. She is extremely wonderful at enabling me to reach a deep level of relaxation and peace. I have had other massages, but none that can match Samantha’s abilities. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful experience!!”

-Lisa F.
School Principal

“Samantha is incredible. Not only did she truly help me work through my back pain, but I continued to see her throughout my pregnancy. Samantha works major magic on the massage table, and her warmth and kindness shine through in her treatments. Seven years since I first visited Samantha, I can honestly say that she is the best massage therapist there is; I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Jaime P.

“Samantha is a very attentive and thorough massage therapist. She is top notch in her field. I have felt great improvement in my sessions with her. I highly recommend her.”

Simone C.
Physician Assistant

“Put simply, Samantha has a great pair of healing hands. But any client will quickly learn that she also has tremendous technique, empathy and a well-rounded knowledge of therapeutic cures. Literally and figuratively, she’s got your back.”

Robert M.
Director of Queens Tourism Counsel

“Samantha is a truly gifted healer with a heightened sensitivity to areas of pain and stress. She modifies and adapts her technique to suit the individual and does a thorough interview/history before performing a massage. There is no such thing as a routine massage with Sam. I would recommend her to anyone – whether seeking simple relaxation or suffering from some musculoskeletal problem.”

Sally U.

“I could go on and on, but I’ll keep it short. Samantha is professional, intuitive, knowledgeable, caring and has golden hands. She’s truly a gifted massage therapist and I feel blessed and happy that I found her. Try her once and you’ll be hooked for life!”

Anita R.
Hot Yoga Instructor