About Nurture U

Meet Samantha Cintron

The owner, Wellness Facilitator & Licensed Massage Therapist

Samantha is the owner of Nurture U Wellness, LLC & Licensed Massage Therapist. She has been practicing massage therapy for over 17 years. She believes wholeheartedly that one must love what they do and do what they love and she in fact does. Helping others is at the core of who she is.

A former social worker and caretaker to multiple family members with health challenges, Samantha is today, a wellness facilitator serving the entire community of Rockaway Beach. Since 2009, Samantha has been building Nurture U Wellness as a multidisciplinary center. There, she offers a range of therapeutic massage services and hosts a growing team of wellness professionals providing mental health services and acupuncture. All providers are New York State licensed, certified and insured.

Samantha’s spectrum of clients includes professional athletes, celebrities, fitness instructors, business professionals and people from all walks of life. She has worked as a leading spa therapist and supervisor in some of the finest, luxury hotels and spas in New York City, including The Spa at The Mandarin Oriental, La Prairie at The Ritz Carlton, Guerlain Spa at The Waldorf Astoria and Sisley Spa at The Carlyle.

With careful listening and skillful hands, Samantha helps people with a wide range of physical concerns, including lymphedema, herniated discs, dislocated shoulders, hip and knee replacements, Down’s Syndrome, Diabetes, post-surgery recovery and more.

Every session is tailored to the individual and makes use of Samantha’s expertise in a wide range of massage techniques, including Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage, Rehabilitative Support, Reflexology, Sports, , Cupping and more.  Samantha has an associate’s degree in occupational therapy from The Swedish Institute, where she continues to study the human body and all its amazing functions.

A constant search for new, imaginative and enlightening work has taken Samantha well beyond massage. A student of acting and theater in college, she acted side by side with George Clooney in the movie “One Fine Day.” Samantha has also taken on the vital real-world roles of parenting workshop facilitator, social services provider to families and children in foster care, and diversity trainer for The Anti-Defamation League.

As with everything that happens at Nurture U, lying at the heart is a deep understanding that it is vital that we take care of ourselves — and take care of each other.