Julian Cho, L.Ac

Julian Cho – L.Ac. MSAc is committed to working with people with chronic stress, illness and pain, as well as promoting emotional wellness. By engaging with the patient as a whole person, Julian helps patients to allow themselves to begin the process of healing. He is passionate about learning as a way to provide healthcare from a deep well of knowledge and empathy, and sees patient education, self-empowerment, and participation as key components to healing. With an intuitive and flexibly creative approach, he enjoys working with the secondary vessels, as well as with classical treatments. Julian holds a Master’s degree in Acupuncture from Pacific College.

In his spare time, Julian loves to experiment in the kitchen, read and listen to podcasts, rub the softest cat belly in the county, and bike the city blocks without destination.

To schedule an appointment with Julian, please call 917-733-9139.