Jennifer Davis, LCAT, ATR-BC

Jennifer Davis, LCAT, ATR-BC/ Art Therapist

Art therapy is a psychological treatment that compliments verbal ‘talk’ therapy or stands alone as a predominant vehicle to improve mental health. Art therapy is an activity where people use a variety of art materials to express feelings and explore problems nonverbally, which helps many identify root issues and fears, and uncover strengths to overcome challenge. Jennifer Davis is a resident of Far Rockaway and has been involved with community-based arts and after-school programs for over 18 years through various nonprofit agencies including 651 ARTS, Arts Connection, Ballet Hispanico, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Goddard Riverside Community Center, and the New York Foundation for the Arts. She received Master Degrees in Performing Arts Administration from New York University and Clinical Art Therapy from Long Island University. During 2003-09, Jennifer built QIIQ Productions, a community theater company for children and young adults at the Corridor Gallery, a space owned and operated by Brooklyn’s own Danny Simmons. A passionate advocate for multiculturalism and diversity, Jennifer continuously practices speaking Spanish and learning about indigenous cultures.