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Health. Healing. & Time For You.

Health. Healing. & Time For You.

Enjoy the many benefits of Massage Therapy.
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As a spa therapist & supervisor in some of the finest, luxury hotels and spas in New York City including, The Spa at The Mandarin Oriental, La Prairie @ The Ritz Carlton, Guerlain Spa at The Waldorf Astoria and Sisley Spa at The Carlyle, Samantha has become one of the top massage therapists in New York.

Scroll through the NurtureU Wellness Services to see which massage therapy treatments fit your needs.

Nurture U Signature Massage

NurtureU Signature Massage blends massage techniques, tailored especially for you. You choose your treatment(s) & length of time. 

"Rocks-A-Way" Hot Stone Massage

Work out the knots & kinks, or as we like to call it "rocks", by using a variety of gentle massage techniques and hot basalt stones.

Thai Yoga Massage

The healing art of Thai Yoga Massage is a dynamic bodywork that is traditionally performed on a mat that combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, asana, gentle twisting, energy work & meditation

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on relieving symptoms in areas where stiffness and knots occur in deep muscle groups.  Deep Tissue Massage serves to alleviate muscle tension and promote optimal functioning of the blood and circulatory systems.

Acupressure Bodywork

Acupressure ~ an Asian bodywork therapy rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, applies the same principles as acupuncture. Precise finger placement & pressure over specific points throughout the body followa channels known as meridians. Acupuncture activates the parasympathetic nervous system for deep relaxation, and heals and the restores bodily function.


Reflexology is an extremely relaxing and balancing treatment that focuses on specific pressure points in your feet, hands & ears to help correct energy flows throughout your body.

Shiatsu Massage

A Japanese style massage meaning “finger-pressure”, incorporates finger & palm pressure along the body’s meridians to release tension & relieve stress. Rocking, stretching & medium to deep pressure is used. Mat or Table. You Choose

Sport & Active Lifestyle Massage

Nurture U Sport & Active Lifestyle Massage blends a variety of techniques ~ light gliding compression, kneading & palm friction ~ designed to target specific muscles used during active days & intense workouts. 

Trigger Point Therapy

Pain can radiate from one point in our body & refer it to multiple points, creating sharp & intense pain, or a dull throbbing aches.  Trigger point therapy is specifically designed to alleviate the source of pain through cycles of isolated pressure & release.

Myofascial Release

Many fitness & conditioning facilities try to "foam-roll" away muscle pain & dysfunction. Myofascial release deals with the connective tissue & collagen using specific techniques to stretch and repair the connective tissue between your muscles. It helps your body heal properly from injuries and restores range of motion.

Cupping Massage

Cupping Massage is a classic form of alternative  “medicine”. Cupping brings the blood to the surface of the body, thereby facilitating healing in that area. It helps to stimulate the flow of energy. Cupping helps with relieving pain, reducing inflammation, promoting blood flow, and calming the nervous system.

Pre-Natal Pregnancy Massage

NurtureU's Pregnancy Massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting moms. We Nurture U with a full body massage that stimulates circulation & reduces discomfort. Specially designed cushions & side-lying postures are used to prevent putting pressure on you & baby.